MUGENYI ECO-TOURS    (web under construction.)

MUGENYI ECO-TOURS    (web under construction.)


who we are.

"Whispers of nature"

Mugenyi eco-tours is an eco-tour company based in Uganda that started in2019, ready to take you to all corners of Uganda eco system, MUGENYI is a word used in Uganda by the bantu group of people as term used to describe a guest, we take you to the natural areas that conserve the environment and sustain the well-being of the communities Mugenyi Eco tours is owned and managed by MR. AMPIIRE CALEB  &


A Uganda-Germanpartnership of experienced tour operators who are not only friends with the mother nature and wilderness but with also a sense of humour,welcoming and loving what we are doing.


  • Experience.   Mugenyi eco tours has the young and experienced  tour guides with vast knowledge in guiding to make your trip successful. Our guides are well equipped with all the information on the routes lead to the desired destinations and can easily recommend a suitable route per desired destination to simplify your trip.

  • Skills. Mugenyi eco tours is well equipped with skilled tour guides who know what  to do in accordance to the trip desired, our guides understand the needs of the clients this is why a sense of humor is vital among our guides.

  •  Flexibility. Mugenyi eco tours understands that humans can change their mind in one way or the other this is why we mind on the changes that a client may suggest in order to make his or her trip incredibly exiting while with us.
  • Value for money. Mugenyi Eco tours gives you the best services that value your money, this is why we have extra packages and discounts on our trips to enable you receive all services worth your money.

Frequently asked questions

Where is mugenyi eco-tours located?

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